We’ll talk about a number of topics around using hair removal creams or lotions to achieve a “Chiskop” or complete removal of hair on the head. One of those is the prickly issue of regrowth or stubble.

A traditional razor blade or clipper cuts off the hair above the level of the skin surface, leaving a small amount of hair protruding from the skin. The hair continues growing until the hair length requires repeated cutting. For many, this may happen frequently, often on a daily basis, sometimes due to personal preference and sometimes occupational requirements. That’s all good - unless the skin is compromised in any way. Shaving is a powerful exfoliator, and repeated shaving over vulnerable or damaged skin can be painful and aggravate the situation. Ideally, where a skin problem exists, aim to minimise the regularity of shaving, in order to allow the skin to recondition itself and heal fully.

An alternative to consider, is the use of a reputable, purpose-made hair removal cream or lotion, which will cut down the required frequency of the hair removal process. Hair removal creams or lotions work by breaking down the protein content of the hair shaft, which then breaks off below the skin’s surface when the product is wiped off. This leaves the skin noticeably smoother and with no tangible stubble. The remaining hair also has further to “grow” to create obvious regrowth above the skin surface. Because the hair isn’t cut off at a sharp angle, as is the case with razors or clippers, but has a weakened tip having been broken down, the outcome is re-growth that is both softer and more comfortable.