So where's the convenience of using a hair removal lotion? I've never thought of going to the barber as inconvenient. But when I started exploring the concept, I have to admit – there's a definite case for quick, hassle-free hair removal at home.

It really is about doing something that's a necessary part of my regular grooming routine, but being free to do it in my own time - whenever I like. That could be first thing is the morning, after the soccer game, or just as I finish work. Weekend or weekday. Product is readily available at local shops, so I keep a tube of lotion on hand at home, for when the time is right. There's absolutely no need to leave the house to do my manly grooming; no waiting, no transport costs, no need for resources like expensive batteries or electricity.

And there's no magic in the technology behind a hair removal lotion - it simply comes pre-mixed, ready-to-use – big tick for convenience. There's no mixing bowls, no measuring and no stirring. A real bonus here – no stink!! Yes, there's an odour associated with the product, but it's effectively masked with a fragrance. Easy application + simple removal = real convenience. At your leisure gentlemen.........