It's not something that guys are always comfortable discussing amongst themselves – so let's put it out there. Horizontal neck rolls appear as a single, or several, horizontal lines at the nape of the neck. This condition is frequently associated with being substantially overweight. Another situation, where vertical grooves or ridges appear on the scalp, is a medical condition for which there is no known cure. Both situations can be problematic and give rise to skin infections, discomfort and irritation, and frequently an unpleasant odour.

If you experience either of these conditions, ensure you adopt a suitable scalp hygiene routine which will avoid any potential issues or complications. Make sure you're cleaning the area at least once a day, more if your skin tends to be problematic. Using a hygiene soap, clean the area well and make certain all the folds and furrows are dried properly. Damp areas = problem areas. Next, use a reputable cream or lotion to moisturise the skin, ensuring it stays supple and healthy. If there's any evidence of infection or severe irritation, ask your clinic, pharmacy or doctor for a short term medicated ointment to apply to problem areas.

Another challenge around these conditions is the issue of hair removal. The uneven “landscape” of a scalp with grooves or folds can be difficult to navigate with traditional equipment like razors and clippers. Unfortunately, what should be a routine experience, can result in painful nicks and cuts and the risks of infection that goes along with it. Hair removal lotion is an obvious solution that can work unhindered by ridges, grooves and rolls.  By following the on-pack instructions carefully, you will ensure your skin's safety. Simply apply the product onto clean, dry skin, wait the required time and remove with a clean, damp cloth. Make sure all traces of the lotion are removed from the skin and rinse the area thoroughly. #noproblem