DX Smooth Zero Hair is a quick and easy wipe-off hair removal lotion, ideal for head body and underarms.
  • Fast-acting 5 minute formula suitable for all hair types
  • Helps control razor bumps, prevents cuts and razor burn associated with shaving
  • Eliminates risk of infection associated with hair clippers
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Product Code: DX132
DX Smooth Zero Hair is an easy-to-use, wipe- off hair removal lotion especially formulated for men, ideal for the head and all-over body use. Effective even on coarse hair, this formulation is still kind to skin, containing natural extracts to moisturise and regenerate the skin and reduce any inflammation. It has a fresh, masculine fragrance, works in as little as 5 minutes and is suitable for all hair types. DX Smooth Zero Hair helps reduce the risks associated with shaving and eliminates risk of infection associated with hair clippers. The finish is longer lasting and smoother and regrowth is softer and more comfortable. This best-selling lotion is avlaible in 3 convenient sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml
  • DX Smooth Zero Hair has a fast-acting, 5 minute formula, suitable for all hair types
  • Especially formulated for men, this dermatologically tested product is ideal for use on the head and all-over-body use
  • The lotion works by dissolving the protein in the hair shaft below the level of the skin surface. Unwanted hair is simply wiped off, resulting in a longer-lasting and smoother finish
  • Use of DX Smooth Zero Hair helps control the scourge of razor bumps,
  • and stops cuts and razor burn associated with shaving
  • It eliminates risk of cross infection associated with hair clippers
  • As the hair shaft is not mechanically cut, hair regrowth is softer and more comfortable
  • If hair is long, trim to 2 mm. Do not wash skin before applying the product. Cover hair with a thick, even layer - DO NOT RUB IN. Leave on for 5 minutes.
  • Wipe a small area with a damp facecloth. If hair removes easily, remove the rest of the lotion. If not, leave a little longer, but DO NOT EXCEED 10 MINUTES IN TOTAL. After removal, rinse thoroughly with warm water, making sure all traces of the lotion are removed.
  • For sensitive skin, apply a neutral lotion or cream like DX Smooth Bump Shield After Shave, to soothe areas where you have removed hair.

What is the best routine I should follow to ensure that I have a perfect hair removal experience? - Philani

Do not wash hair before applying hair removal lotion. Hair should not be longer than 2mm, If longer than 2mm, trim down with clippers.

Why do I always have to do a patch test each and every time I use the product? - Mongameli

It is important to timeously do a patch test 24 hours before you want to remove your hair. Apply the lotion or cream to a small section of the area from which you wish to remove the hair. Do not rub in. Leave for 5 minutes, and remove with a damp cloth. Wait 24 hours - if the skin is calm and comfortable, and then proceed the removal to the desired area.

Why at times does the cream discolour once the tube has been opened? - Wonga

Oxidisation may occur when the product is exposed to air. This causes the product to have a yellowish tinge. This doesn’t affect the quality or effectiveness of the product in any way. After dispensing the product, ensure that the lid is replaced and tightly secured.

If I have used this product previously, why should I still do a patch test each every time I use it? - Thabiso

It is necessary to do a patch test each and every time you want to remove hair, as the skin may have been subjected to various conditions such as sun burn, wind burn, stress, medication etc., These can cause the skin to be sensitive

What do I do if the lotion get into my eyes? - Lukhanyo

Immediately rinse repeatedly with water and seek medical advice.

How soon can I repeat the hair removal treatment, if all my hair has not initially been removed? - Zubenathi

Due to sensitivity of the skin you should wait 2 - 3 days before attempting to remove hair in the same area.

How do I apply Zero Hair to my head? - Bhekumuzi

Apply an even layer of lotion, starting from the front of head working backwards, ensuring the hair is completely covered. You may opt to use the fingers of a closed hand or a wooden or plastic spatula if preferred.

How long do I leave Zero Hair Regular lotion on to process? - S’bongiseni

Leave for at least 5 minutes. Wipe lotion off a small area using a damp cloth. If the hair comes away easily, continue removing the lotion. If not, leave for another few minutes, but do not exceed 10 minutes in total.

Why do I have to rinse my head after removing lotion with a damp cloth? - Thabang

If not removed completely, any active chemicals present on the skin surface will continue to work, potentially causing a reaction.

Can I wash Zero Hair off with soap? - Lindokuhle

Do not wash off the lotion using soap or anything other than water.

My scalp is sensitive after using the hair removal lotion, what should I do? - Peter

After the treatment, always apply a neutralising post shave treatment - ideally one with soothing and moisturising benefits to ensure best results in maintaining skin health during hair removal intervals.

I have had a reaction to the hair removal lotion, what should I do? - Innocent

Apply a soothing balm like an Aloe Vera gel. Usually any reaction disappears within a few hours as the skin gains tolerance of the product. If the symptoms persist, please seek medical advice.

Why should I use a hair removal lotion in place of a razor or clippers? - Siyabonga

When using a hair removal lotion, you will achieve smoother, softer skin. Hair is removed just below the skin surface and regrowth is softer. The incidence of ingrown hairs and razor bumps are reduced, risks of cross infection are eliminated and it requires no expensive resources like blades or batteries

How long does it take for hair to grow back? - Ben

This is entirely dependent of the individual and the rate of growth of their hair.

When should I NOT apply Zero Hair? - Reneilwe

Do not apply after using a razor, clippers or other hair removal device.
Do not use on sunburnt skin
Do not apply on damaged skin where there are open sores or wounds.

Can I use Zero Hair to remove hair on my face? - Sakhile

No, the lotion is not intended for facial use. It can be applied on the head and body, including chest, underarms and legs.