DX Smooth was developed in South Africa to address the daily grooming challenges facing men of African origin. We understand that men with darker skin tones require both customised treatment and specialised products. Our solution-orientated skin care range with superior formulations has been developed with over a decade of research. Ongoing investment in R&D and insight gained from our consumers will ensure that DX Smooth continues to innovate and remain relevant.

A primary focus of the DX Smooth Bump Shield range is to treat pseudofolliculitus barbae (PFB) - razor bumps, shaving bumps or ingrown hairs as it’s more commonly referred to. The range includes skin-friendly, bump treatment products to provide symptomatic relief for the condition and help minimise its recurrence. Complementary facial care products for use in a supportive daily grooming regime are included – providing a holistic and straightforward solution to smooth, clear, healthy skin.

DX Smooth Zero Hair and Zero Hair Sensitive are a selection of hair removal lotions formulated for use on the head and body, including sensitive areas like underarms. These skin-safe, dermatologically tested products allow unwanted hair to be simply wiped off, eliminating the health risks associated with the use of razors and clippers, while reducing the incidence of bumps and ingrown hairs.

Completing the range are the DX Smooth Body Series – body wash, body lotion and a talcum powder, formulated and fragranced to keep you feeling fresh and confident all day.

The DX Smooth range of products empowers you to make customised product choices, no matter how unique your shade, tone or heritage. Make your choice of how you present yourself to the world. Make the DX Smooth choice.



Up your confidence game with our comprehensive range of solution-orientated products for the face and body.


Since we took the time to see to your skincare needs, we felt like we also needed to provide you with some all-round advice needed to keep you on point in any situation.